DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner
  • Price – $59.99
  • Free Trial
  • Protection Removal
  • Multiple Copies
  • Blu-ray Support
  • Money Back Guarantee

What is DVD Cloner?

DVD Cloner allows you to make full DVD copies and is loaded with a ton of other interesting features. Create an exact copy of DVDs removing the protections put there by developers to prevent copying. Other features such as movie-only copy, Blu-ray copy, customized-copy, and many more can allow you to get exactly what you want out of your DVD. DVD Cloner also provides Stream-Cloner lite and DVD-Ripper lite for free with your purchase.

DVD Copying

Many companies go to great lengths to prevent you from copying their DVDs by adding protections such as Ripguard. DVD Cloner has cracked how to remove these protections so you don’t have to, delivering you a full quality copy.

DVD Cloner’s user interface is not only simple for new users to use, it can even guide them how to make quality DVD copies. It burns the exact contents of any DVD-5 or DVD-9 to their counterpart with a 1 to 1 ratio. This includes the menus, different languages, and subtitles.

You have the option to copy only the main movie removing extras such as menus and extra languages. If you would prefer you could even copy the menus, subtitles, and languages separately. Lastly the video and audio can be copied separately if you wish to edit either and then place them back.

Customized Copying

DVD Cloner offers a wide array of customizable copying options. Combine multiple DVDs onto one BD-R to save from having a ton of DVDs. DVD Cloner comes with a built in player installed so you may select exactly which chapters of a DVD you would like to copy. All movies can be compressed to a lower file size allowing you to fit more of them onto a disc or flash drive. Finally the program can copy almost any Blu-ray disc allowing you some of the best quality copies you can get.


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Final Thoughts

DVD Cloner provides some of the best copying quality and features on the market. With the ability to copy DVDs as well as Blu-Ray’s and 3D DVDs DVD Cloner has become one of the biggest competitors out there. With your purchase they also include the software Stream-Cloner lite and DVD-Ripper lite, a $130 value all for only 59.99. In conclusion DVD Cloner’s multiple features and perfect 1:1 copying has landed them our #1 spot for DVD-Copying Software.

DVD Cloner, 9.3 out of 10 based on 768 ratings

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